About Me

My name is Regina Castiglione, in May of 2016 I will Graduate from Marist College with my Bachelors degree in Communication Art in Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design, and will begin my career as an art director.

I got my start in Graphic design at 14, I mentored at a graphic design shop and began learning the elements of design, and how to go about putting them together. At 15 I started teaching myself how to build websites. As a senior in High school I was in upper level art classes learning the basics of drawings and forms. While working toward my associates degree in Graphic Design and Advertising at Suny Ulster, I learned everything from figure drawing, painting, web design, graphic design, photography, and more, and I thrived in it. Upon graduation I was offered a job in web design and continued freelance graphics, photography, and web.

At Marist I immersed myself in Advertising design and Graphic Design classes, and now as I prepare for graduation I find I have the knowledge and skills to start my career. I am eager and excited to step into the advertising field and I hope that you will consider me as a potential candidate for you.


Regina Castiglione