One of the latest Campaigns, produced by Copywriter Teresa Musumeci and Art director me, was for Barefoot. Our goal was to reach out to women and show them that there is a barefoot wine for everyone.

Execution: 2 Buzzfeed quizzes, 1 app, 1 quad fold magazine pull out poster with “which wine should I drink?” quiz

Tagline: “No Matter the day do it the Barefoot way”

Social media: #gobarefoot


Castiglione_musumeci_barefoot_comp_poster Castiglione_musumeci_barefoot_final_print_quadfold_backCastiglione_musumeci_barefoot_final_Print_front  Castiglione_musumeci_rough_print_frontCastiglione_musumeci_barefoot_final_half-foldCastiglione_musumeci_rough_appCastiglione_musumeci_barefoot_app_icon




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