Goal was to reach recent grads that still love to road trip on the weekends. People who don’t have time to plan  long trips, but still want be adventurous.

Exectution: 2 billboards, 1 bus stop, 1 busshelter, and 2 print ads.

SMP:Adventure is at your fingertips”.

Tagline: ” It’s that simple”


Castiglione_musumeci_comp_busshelter Castiglione_musumeci_roadtrippers_comp_print Castiglione_musumeci_roadtrippers_comp_print2Castiglione_musumeci_roadtrippers_comp_billboard_lowres Castiglione_musumeci_roadtrippers_comp_billboard2_lowres Castiglione_Mususeci_roadtrippers_comp_lowres

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